2010: The Four Track Sessions

by Paul William

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This is a list of songs muddled by time. Its hard to pin exactly when it was all recorded, but I'm certain it was around 2010. I know I know...it sounds really hissy, tracks 2-4 are long drawn out minimalist pieces that I easily could of not bothered with uploading, and the ones toward the end that are more "song" oriented sound like they were just made up on the spot (which I'm sure they were)....but that defeats the purpose.

This is a part of who I am, and I created this without me even remembering doing it. Its a reflection of the past thats long gone, and its forever embedded in time...er...bandcamp.


released May 3, 2012



all rights reserved


Paul William San Francisco, California

Music heard by the ears of an Idahoan living in San Francisco.

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Track Name: Far Past The Arboretum (Feat. Adam Healton)
Far Past The Arboretum/Where the birds once played
I touch upon the fields/Where the grass had laid
Opening Up...to me...is the only possible to believe
At the center of your minds control...leaves a mark
Impossible to describe to you in the dark.

The only way that I sleep with myself at night/Is curled around a picture, I hold...oh so tight...
Your skin folds flap and reveal/The mark of the one I hurt...the great winged eel!
slithering through these years/Our water left behind sheds
The light of the full moon bleeds as it bleds.

I lend my heart to irresponsible behaviors
I lend my only lens to you
But its impossible...to...comprehend, the things I do.
Track Name: Dead Dogs
Dead Dogs on my mind all the time
Dead Dogs...They remind me that I'll die young, die young

Dead Dogs on my mind all the time
Dead Dogs...Well they were laughing but they're gone, they're gone

It used to be that they're in the sun
but they're gone
They used to go fishing, we'd go...mountain climbing
but they're gone
We used to go by the campfire and swim in the ocean
but now they're gone...

Dead Dogs on my mind all the time
Dead Dogs...
Track Name: Cement and Leather
You walked into my life and you never walked away
You snuck into my dreams and you helped me fall asleep

You walked through my door to a house full of shit piles
You know the hippies couldn't make the grass grow

You walked into my soul...and then you tore it apart!
And then you put it back together...with cement and leather
You know it feels so clever loving you for so long
You know i forgot to mention...I wanna, Thank You.

You walked into my life and you never walked away
You walked into my soul and ya...helped it grow
Track Name: Daggers/Muddy

You know sometimes I think, I think the world is so muddy I do not know I can walk around without slipping on my heart.

Sometimes I don't know what to do I'm limited by all rules that deny, have my one night a month.