The Basement Tape

by Paul William

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Quite possibly the first recording at Temple Randolph Studios, "The Basement Tape" represents the state of the basement and my well-being around 2009. Much has changed since then, but this document is a prequel to the events that have and will continue to happen in this home.


released May 11, 2012



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Paul William San Francisco, California

Music heard by the ears of an Idahoan living in San Francisco.

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Track Name: The Basement (Yeah!)
I am in the basement
I am on a green rug
I am singing my song yeah!

Theres a pulse drumset
and a casio keyboard
and a genz benz amp yeah!

Theres a big shelf with
lots of stuff on it
like a broken harmonium

and upstairs theres a dog
he has lots of claws and he likes to go
Tap Tap Tap Tap Tap Tap!

I see you out on the street
We have stop and chat
(Oh Yeah!)

You say I am fine, Yes!
I say I am fine, Yes!
Then we go our separate way

Its so weird that I feel so sad
We could of talked much longer
but i'll see again at the party
maybe no...maybe yeah!

I am so sad when you are gone
I don't know what to do with my life
But I guess I'm doing it but it doesn't mean
That I miss my wife

Maybe it just...means that I
Shouldn't...go on...with my life seems theres a price
When you have no life
Track Name: The World
I thought about the world, and the world felt grey
I thought about the world, and I didn't wanna stay

I thought about the world, and all the lonely here
I thought about the world and how everyone, will disappear

I thought about your face, the one I want to erase
I thought about your face the one I want to replace

I feel so alone, won't you drag me to home
I feel so alone, won't you tell me where to go
Cause in this world
Theres no home
Just a bed
For sleepin